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The INTENT of these events is to provide IENs with trustworthy, reliable, CELBAN online preparation through an app-based virtual campus.

Discover the BEST WAY to prepare for the CELBAN!

Our Founder

Kim Kara M.Ed

As the founder of CELBANPrep, Kim Kara has been preparing IENs for the CELBAN since 2009.

The App-Based Virtual Campus

Founder Kim Kara, of CELBANPrep, has dedicated an entire year to creating CELBANPrep University: an app-based virtual campus. Shte has taken everything she has learned and created in preparing IENs for the CELBAN, since 2009, and made all of it accessible from your phone or tablet. Choosing to easy-to-use platform that even school children can navigate, Kim has created a virtual campus for both self-directed learning and courses for the more adventurous and committed.

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